Summer is here in many parts of the world. Windows have been flung open and rugs hung out for air. Parks and beaches have begun to populate, albeit with new restrictions – as the COVID-19 crisis surges on, the change in seasons isn’t quite as liberating as usual. Even with the re-opening of businesses and public spaces in some areas, it remains imperative to keep a distance and take utmost safety precautions. So we’re willing to bet that should you have a balcony or terrace, it’s seeing more use than usual. And rightfully so – they offer a place for rest, relaxation and escape from the safety of home.

Retailers of furniture and home goods saw a spike in sales in the early days of the pandemic, indicating that people were responding to the quarantine by upgrading their residences. Personal outdoor spaces need not be neglected: below, we share 12 products that will help you freshen up the look of your balcony or terrace while maximizing its functionality.


Panarea by CMP Design for Pedrali (also pictured in header); Photo: Andrea Garuti

Adell by Lievore + Altherr Désile Park for Arper; Photo: Salva Lopez

Orlando Sofa by Glismand and Rüdiger for Bolia;

Bonbori outdoor and indoor light by Fumie Shibata for Brokis;

Capa by Søren Rose for Gandia Blasco;

Hydra by KE;

Reverie by Marcel Wanders for Walters;

Komodo EcoWall by Raffaello Galiotto for Nardi;

Grill by Mut Design for Diabla;

Milk Lamp by Emmanuel Gallina for Ethimo;

Panthella Portable by Louis Poulsen;

Doge and Podio by Forsix for Gaber;


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