Simple plastic sheeting and hot black glue were used to create an ethereal installation in Houston, Texas.

The undulating sculpture’s creator, Yasuaki Onishi, says he wanted to make a monumental piece that seems to float in space. The sensational result was created with a unique technique: Onishi draped the plastic over stacked cardboard boxes, which he then removed once impressions had formed. The process – a ‘reverse sculpture’ – explores the idea of voids or negative space.

The plastic is suspended from hundreds of black glue strands. The result is an immersive space, which guests can walk under and around to experience in different ways. The project resembles somewhat of a cave or tent with transparent walls, highlighting qualities of light and shape.

Reverse of Volume RG can be seen until 24 June at the Rice University Art Gallery in Houston.

Rice University Art Gallery
6100 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77005

Photos courtesy Nash Baker.