American artist Otto Berchem is currently showing a solo exhibition, featuring drawings, paintings, sculpture and installations, at Ellen de Bruijne Projects in Amsterdam. 

Revolver uses mixed-media pieces to convey Bercham's unique chromatic language, created in the course of his earlier series Blue Monday. Using colours to replace words and letters and inspired by his time in Bogota, Columbia, he creates a palette of revolt and revolution. 

Berchem, who lives in Amsterdam and Bogota, often plays with language and symbol to create works of art that function as codes. In Istanbul, he created a 'language' for street children, meant to convey safety and social services, and inspired by the symbols used by the American homeless during the 1930s. 

Revolver is at Ellen de Bruijne Projects until 6 April. 

Ellen de Bruijne Projects
Rozengracht 207 A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Images courtesy the gallery and the artist.