WUHAN – Standing out from the crowd in a shopping mall is a tough challenge, but Rigi Design has achieved that goal with Kidsmoment, a children's clothing store that should have a strong appeal to its target audience. It's located in Wuhan, China, the populous capital of Hubei Province, 800 km east of Shanghai, where Liu Kai established his firm in 2007. Over the past eight years Kai has won a succession of awards for his combination of artistry and a logical analysis of needs. Kidsmoment is scaled to the children, who are encouraged to treat the store as an adventure playground.

Colourful frames define different areas and evoke houses. Modular fittings have chamfered edges, and simple materials, such as felt and tile, are resilient and tactile. There's a height marker on one wall and a large chalkboard-painted wall for doodling. Bold numerals and symbols guide shoppers to specific products, and English-language signage conveys an international flavour – particularly in China, a country where almost no-one speaks that language. There's even a members' zone for regulars, which appeals to kids' curiosities. Liu Kai understood that mothers and children need to find common ground when shopping for clothes and, therefore, designed what he calls 'a clean, pure and joyful space that develops an atmosphere of trust, with a strong feeling of home'.

Photos Yue Ping