HONG KONG – Rising Moon is a temporary pavilion designed as part of this year’s Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival by Daydreamers Design, a Hong-Kong based collaborative art and architecture practice. Held in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park, friends and relatives gather together, carrying brightly-lit lanterns to celebrate the full moon, a symbol of harmony and unity.

Recalling traditional Chinese paper lanterns, the geodesic steel dome structure – made out of recycled polycarbonate water bottles on which are fixed a plethora of light-emitting diodes – acts as a staring beacon, seducing and engulfing the local celebrants by means of its vivid presence and theatrical expressiveness.

While the studio aims to bring the distant moon closer to the celebration’s venue, the 20-m-diameter hemispheric artifact induces a truly transcendental journey as the visitors progress on the pathway that runs through its moonlit internal spaces, attempting to broaden the exhilarating multi-sensory experience.

Beyond Daydreamers Design’s eagerness to achieve a highly fashionable effect, the creative team engaged in the development of an environmentally-friendly proposition, setting forth a bold vision statement that calls attention to Hong Kong’s dedication to sustainability.

Photos John Pilas


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