A mobile library has been designed specifically to travel between library-less villages in Germany's Heilbronn area, bringing a touch of fantasy where ever it goes.

Inside, special acrylic shelves have illuminated LED edges that can light in the dark. The shelves are movable and can be changed as needed, but were also created with an incline of nine degrees to ensure books wouldn’t fall while driving.

‘When you read a book the fantasy grows; the back of the truck is like a fantasy with no right angles and lines become more imaginative,’ says Claudia Miller of Linie Zweii. ‘The shelves start as parallel, then go up and down. It’s like a mystery to have library shelves without 90 degree sides.’

Interspersed are window areas that allow guests to view outside while browsing or relaxing in red seat cubes. There’s even a small toilet, which is hidden behind a shelf.

The project began with a design competition two years ago, which Linie Zweii won. ‘Because the library could move, there were things we had to consider in the design,’ Miller says.

Robi is eco-friendly and replaces Heilbronn’s former mobile bus library, which drove for 30 years, lending 3.5 million books along the way.