Inspired by the power of water, a London gallery captures the elegant, dynamical and porous aesthetic of H2O.

Even from the outside, the 1100-sq-m Roca London Gallery has an aquatic theme. Softly rippling concrete walls frame the building, adding a sense of movement and dimension to the space.

Inside, the space is centred around a white central axis that opens to a number of smaller, semi-enclosed areas. Slices in walls add a sense of permeability; the space is opened to the city by three organic portals that appear to have been shaped by water erosion.

According to architect Zaha Hadid, the inspiration for the space was water in all its forms. Combined with the art of precision, the design helps visitors understand the relationship between architecture and the design of Roca’s bathroom products.

The space houses Roca’s gallery plus spaces for exhibitions, meetings and seminars. It is located at Imperial Wharf near London’s Chelsea Harbour.