Seduction, surprise, and the unknown – Amsterdam-based firm Concrete offers a sumptuous platter of varied ambiances in each space and room of the Roomers Hotel, which comprises a library, event spaces, and a Japanese-inspired restaurant featuring a show kitchen.

The Japanese-inspired restaurant features a playful oversized koi lamp by LZF above a long communal table.

As guests enter the hotel, gold cascades down from the ceiling to the lavishly furnished interior as pendant luminaries by Tom Dixon float above. Two main fireplaces clad in brass define the space, with one countertop for the reception and another in a more open lounge area to dissuade hotel guests from locking themselves up prematurely in their suites.

Instead, guests can escape reality (with a cocktail in hand) inside a hidden whiskey room. Geometric furniture and a patterned ceiling guide the eye, while mirrors on the upper portion of walls blur spatial boundaries and create the illusion of an infinite room. Adjustable lighting can transform the room from an elegant lounge to a mesmerizing private club. The crimson lounge is straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, but where the villain would be sipping a whiskey neat, the space is filled only with decadence and pleasure.  

Returning to the sensuous side of hospitality, the 281 hotel rooms and suites feature dark wood, black marble, and modernist brass shelving systems. Foregoing actual partitions, the rooms are laid out as a series of spaces separated by sheer curtains and the shelving units, letting its guests gaze through and glimpse each other from the bed to the bath. Larger rooms feature a bed on a raised platform with a freestanding bath tub placed as the centrepiece. Mirrors, transparency, and elegant furnishings create enough separation and privacy to provoke seduction.

Location Landsberger Str. 68, 80339 München, Germany