Nature’s elements inspired Rosanflor, a material-driven concept shop in Ontinyent designed by estudi{H}ac.

What happens when you take the basic elements of nature and make them a space? estudi{H}ac and creative director Jose Manuel Ferrero would be able to answer that question: that was the idea behind Rosanflor, a flower concept shop completed by the designers in Ontinyent. Earth, water and light – the sources of the organic product – inspired the total concept, each translated using materials and colour. Earth is represented by a desaturated palette of beige and terracotta tones, water by special textured glass featuring geometric flowers and light through fixtures which seamlessly spotlight the floral arrangements on show. Additionally endowed with natural light, the 120-sq-m space is divided into an entry gallery area and another for floral arrangement and supply; an expansive terracotta brick wall features a mobile shelving system and brings extra flexibility to the flower and ceramic displays.