KUWAIT – A beach chalet in Kuwait contains three independent, private houses for three siblings and their families who enjoy sea views and want to boost their childhood experiences by still living in close proximity to each other but with complete privacy.

AGi Architects designed a programme which is functional for the needs of each family in terms of space and movement, as well as being aesthetically designed to exploit the surrounding sea views.

Each family has its own residence, joined by a stairway which leads to the roof terrace. Two double-storey houses rest on the ground floor and are a replica of each other. Separated by a staircase which leads to the final house on the upper level, all three houses maximize on surrounding views.

The houses utilize the weather to harvest prevailing winds and increase circulation in the courtyards. Increased shading on the north facade allows more visibility to the sea ahead.

Indian sandstone and wood are used as the main materials for the building, creating a warm interior. The living spaces are designed with maximum transparency to blur the boundaries between inside and outside and to optimize the outdoor experience.

Photos courtesy of Nelson Garrido