We’ve seen the future of spaces, and it’s made up of unexpected terms, from sensuousness to handshakes to legacy. From February 20-21, you will also have the chance to find out what we mean: we’ve put together a roster of industry innovators and forward-thinking brands to share their insights at our annual Frame Lab festival.

This year, we want to Explore the Next Space together: we are celebrating the value of the uncommon in an environment that is sometimes weighed down by fast-paced mimicry. At the event, which will take place at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam, we’ll be presenting these topics grouped in four content tracks: Intuitive Tech, Full Circle, The Co-Economy and Club Me.

Some of the speakers and panelists at the 2018 edition of Frame Lab

From co-working visionaries that are actually focusing on how to work less to a thoughtful deployment of big data that instead promises more human interaction, here’s the list of speakers, panels and talks for this year’s Frame Lab.

Interested in attending? You can secure your early-bird tickets here, offered at a discounted fare until January 7; from then on, tickets will be available at the regular price. 


Spatial design hugely influences how we experience reality; combined with technology, entire new worlds can be formed. What challenges lie ahead for designers in integrating the digital and the physical?

[+] Virtually real: Augmenting spatial experience
Anita Fontaine and Geoffrey Lillemon, creative directors at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam’s Department of New Realities
For Fontaine and Lillemon, VR and AR technologies are not a means of escaping into fantasy, but of offering a deeper understanding of our everyday experience. Here they outline the opportunity virtual space presents to enhance reality.

[+] The sensuousness of the screen
Anny Wang, co-founder of Wang & Söderström
As design leaves the physical realm, can it still appeal to the full range of human senses? Wang explains how her work challenges our preconceptions of the boundary between the material and the digital.

[+] Keeping in touch: The haptic horizon
Gijs Huisman, founder of House of Haptics
How do we assess the value of a hug or a handshake? Can physical interaction exist without physical presence? Huisman guides us through the latest developments in haptic technology and what they mean for spatial design.

[+] Uncommon interfaces
Hirotaka Tako, Head of Sony Creative Centre
The way we interact with technology in the home is often more procedural than poetic. Tako argues for a richer relationship with our digital devices, one based on gesture, emotion and intimacy.



Can design push beyond the boundaries of sustainability and achieve real social good? The circular economy is challenging designers and industry leaders to address issues affecting the entire supply chain. Will we be able to create and consume with a truly clear conscience?

[+] How to design a legacy
Humberto Campana, Founder, Instituto Campana
Crafting socially responsible products is hard enough, but how do you craft a socially responsible career? Campana discusses how his institute promotes change through design.

[+] Agents of change: The politics of space
Didier Fiúza Faustino, founder of Mésarchitecture
Can designers help dismantle societal prejudice? Faustino explains how his studio confounds our expectations of the way space should be organised and the role design can play in subverting inequality.


Live Frame Awards judging and limited-attendance workshops during the 2018 edition of Frame Lab


From co-working-slash-living to mobility: today’s economy is characterized less by ownership and more by access. How does the sharing economy affect interior design? And how do we give shape to the social structures that come with these communal setups?

[+] From shared space to shared ideas
Ola Ahlvarsson, founder of Epicenter
We’re often told that the future of the office is flexible, democratic, open – but as the co-working revolution reaches saturation point, is it actually helping us connect? Ahlvarsson shares his strategies for building workspaces that truly foster exchange.

[+] Feedback loops: How creatives, clients and consumers can work together
Piero Lissoni, founder of Lissoni Associati, and Liran Wizman, founder of European Hotels Private Collection
To create experiences that satisfy the most demanding clientele, brands now realise that they need to bring a third party into the designer-client relationship: the end user. Lissoni and Wizman discuss the challenges of co-creation in an age of customer-centric innovation.

[+] How to build a post-ownership brand
Esther Bahne, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Mini
As the driving force behind Mini Living and A/D/O, Bahne is responsible for making sure the auto brand thrives in the co-economy. Here she explains Mini’s vision of how we will live, work and move.



Fueled by advancements in tech, the one-size-fits-all approach is rapidly being disrupted. While personalization might meet the exact preferences of individual customers, they hinder human connection and threaten privacy. How can designers achieve multilevel environments with tech?

[+] Where everybody knows your name: understanding the connected customer
Rachel Arthur, chief innovation officer at The Current
Personal data is transforming the way we engage with physical space. What does this mean for an embattled retail industry? Arthur looks at how to build the store of the future and why the fourth industrial revolution promises more, not less, human interaction.

[+] The quest for a new campfire: Collective experiences in the digital age
Sakchin Bessette, co-founder of Moment Factory
In an age of increasingly individualized media consumption, why do collective experiences still thrive? Creator of some of the entertainment industry’s most enthralling live events, Bessette makes his case for the continued power of the shared moment.

[+] Crowd pleaser: Capturing China's imagination
Li Xiang, X-Living president and creative director
Taking her home nation by storm, Li Xiang creates surreal interiors that people queue around the block for. From retail stores to co-working spaces, how does her work entertain users while still providing value for clients?

Inspiring talks, panel discussions, engaging workshops, the Frame Awards live judging and networking drinks will be taking place alongside the multisensorial exhibitions and immersive displays. Purchase your tickets with an early-bird discount here; from January 7 onwards, they'll be available at regular price.