To coincide with the start of DesignMarch in Reykjavik – which will officially open tomorrow with a day of DesignTalks around the theme of 'play' – we inject a blast of playful vibrancy. An explosion of kaleidoscopic patterns is the progeny of graphic designer Siggi Eggertsson and his long-time collaborator, developer Hjalti Jakobsson, who met when they were teenagers at a gaming tournament.

Saver Screensson is a screensaver for Mac OS X that 'creates unique patterns on your display by randomly stacking vector stencils to create a virtually infinite, but aesthetically consistent set of possible outcomes'. It has 340 individual images created by Eggertsson and 19 predefined colour palettes, generating countless* multilayered compositions (*according to the duo's calculations, there are considered to be more than 19 nonillion possible outcomes).

Together with the 'masculine' screensaver there is a 'feminine' counterpart in the form of a wallpaper called Walla Papersdóttir, which comes with an explanation from the designer about the names: 'In Iceland we don’t really have family names, instead your surname is traditionally your father’s first name, with -son or -dóttir added to the end. Since Saver Screensson is a direct descendant of the screensavers, we thought it was an appropriate name.'

The continuous stacking and sliding of the geometric stencil images is mesmerising, giving glimpses of recognisable features – people, animals and faces – that appear and disappear in the colourful patterns. With echoes of Eggertsson's earlier work Skvís, which was exhibited at Spark Design Space in 2013 and saw facial features hidden in abstract layers, this a trademark style that Eggertsson has developed over the years, and one which saw him shortlisted for the first ever Iceland Design Award in 2014.

Whereas once you could only step into Eggertsson's energetic world in a gallery space, now you can experience (and get transfixed by) this in the pleasure of your own home or office. Get on this optical trip with a sensational snippet in this teaser video (accompanyied by the soundtrack of 'Pólýfónía' by Apparat Organ Quartet):


DesignMarch runs across the city of Reykavik from 12–15 March. To get a glimpse of the full programme, with its many equally-vibrant design projects and events, visit the festival website.