Utilizing the expansive windows that are built into every wall of Toy’s Factory, the record label’s workspace has been designed with resourcefulness in mind. Identifying the windows as the primary design element, Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architects concentrates areas for high activity in the centre of the workspace, while the space that lines the windows houses an open assemblage of desks, a boardroom, VIP and artist rooms.

The central area includes a large shifting storage unit, integrated into the open floorplan through desks made moveable by track rails embedded in the floor. The mobilization of furniture is echoed by the natural light channelled through the space by reflective metal floor and ceiling surfaces. Sea-foam green is the primary colour, accented by pops of bright yellow in the main area and grounded by the dark rust and natural wood of the minimalist furniture.

Raw industrial materials in Schemata’s signature design language simplify the interior, an airy interpretation of a multifunctional workspace that’s flexible within a given framework.