Somebody please alert Monét X Change: the humble green-and-yellow household sponge is indeed a luxury material perfectly suited for contemporary fashion. Just ask Schemata’s Jo Nagasaka, who used the commonplace cleaning supply as a display element inside the new JINS store in Ginza Loft – no word on whether Nagasaka is a fan of Drag Race, though.

The eyewear brand is known for frames that, as the company statement explains, have been specially designed to fit ‘the face and head shapes of the Japanese skull structure.’ The other thing it’s known for? Its variety: each store carries 1,200 original frames in different styles. So that’s what Schemata was working with: a brand that was idiosyncratically Japanese – and thus open to mixing retail with humour – and a large amount of similarly-sized items on constant display. ‘Indeed, this store has a considerable number of commodities on display and thus has a distinct presence that stands out from other stores in Ginza Loft,’ said Nagasaka.

So, the team started looking for an eye-catching holder that could be easily used on more than 1,000 units. The winner amongst their comparisons? The Scotch-Brite Sponge Ace. ‘Well, it does hold them in the most gentle and stable way,’ the architect explained. To keep with the idea of everyday life brought to the eyewear store, Schemata went for prefabricated steel racks as shelves – some were customized for specific display and trial functions.

The result is a curiously functional setup that is also surprising in its simplicity. Monét has certainly been vindicated.