Schöller SI’s new place of business is inspired by the casual comfort of working from home and the office’s new role as a place for co-creation.

After much of 2020 spent at home for many, we’ve become accustomed to a different style of working – perhaps even cross-legged on the sofa or propped up in bed at times. It’s this homey sense of warmth and casualness that Schöller SI wanted to incorporate into its new office in Stuttgarter Tor, the first high-rise building in the German city of Reutlingen. Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group, the workspaces also reflect the main focus of project developer Schöller SI, which primarily deals in residential real estate.

The concept was based around the altered role of offices. Since the pandemic has proven the possibilities of remote working, shared office spaces will become places for co-creation, collaboration and in-person communication. ‘An office should be a place where I want to be rather than have to be,’ says Peter Ippolito. Comfort is therefore prioritized. Acoustic materials soften reverberations, while greenery contributes to a healthier indoor climate. The strongest visual feature is the diverse colour and material palette – not something you see in the average real estate developer’s place of business. Defining a series of vibrant vignettes within the two-storey space, this variation of colours and textures is designed to strike a balance between collegial work environment and warmth or cosiness – without looking too much like a living room.