The importance of light needs no explanation. From the workplace to the home to the backyard, a curated selection of luminaires can change an atmosphere from dreary to peaceful to exciting with the flick of a switch. Below we share ten designs with clean-line forms and sleek finishes that do just that.

Photo: Peter Ryle



The team at Melbourne lighting consultancy Ambience used the time during the Covid-19 lockdown to co-create an in-house installation entitled Symphony for their headquarters. The mission, they explain, was to produce a space showcasing a group of customized linear light sculptures inspired by music, collaborating with Marsha Golemac and EMAC construction to do so. Led down a path of luminaries, viewers encounter enchanting abstract forms shaped by musical elements.



Outdoor wall sconce Babila has a polished stainless steel body with a rounded mirror that produces a panoramic reflection of the surroundings. For Marset and designer Marco Zanuso Jr, devising Babila was a reminder that the material of a piece can be as important as the shape. The sconce emanates a soft, indirect light onto walls, contributing to the peaceful atmosphere of nature.



Whether hung from a tree branch or placed on the ground, Gordon Guillaumier’s Pillow Light is intended to ‘illuminate the environment with its veiled and suffused light’. The Roda product – an app-adjustable LED luminaire – is the first lighting fixture in the outdoor company’s accessory range, featuring materials traditionally used by the makers, including natural teak and Batyline.

Photo: Pim Top


Sabine Marcelis for Established & Sons

At this year's London Design Festival, Established & Sons released a new luminaire by Sabine Marcelis. The fixture, called Aura, takes the form of a cylindrical bar made from bio-epoxy resin sourced from by-products of the agricultural industry. 'My work is currently exclusively available via galleries,' says Marcelis, 'and this is the first step towards making some lighting available to a wider audience, but in a conscious and sustainable manner.'


Maarten De Ceulaer

Halo is the result of Maarten De Ceulaer and Valerie Objects joining (design) forces. The lighting collection, available in many iterations, is based on a half circular glass element anchored by a rounded metal base. The project started by experimenting with thick blocks of solid glass and LEDs’, De Ceulaer explains. ‘Glass has an interesting optic quality: light rays travel through it invisibly.'


Stefan Leuchter

An exploration of transparency and translucence, Rotterdam-based designer Stefan Leuchter's Versatile incorporates a series of wall lights. The piece comprises double-layered acrylic glass sheets, composed into a whole and bonded together as a circle. Leuchter's blue-toned lamp is powered by a neon flex LED on a 24V PSU.



Originally made available in 2014, VanTot's Limpid Light collection has a new coloured option. The Eindhoven studio developed a nano technique to tint the handcrafted Czech-glass lamps in custom hues through a process of working with architects, interior architects, designers, and stylists around the world.



To extend their Tip Lamp series, Muuto is introducing a minimal floor and wall lamp featuring an adjustable head, opal diffuser and dimmer function. ‘I spent a lot of time polishing every single detail and combining them with the lamps’ inherent functionality,’ says designer Jens Fager, who aimed to strip the designs back to their very essence.



The monolithic, portable ceramic table lamp Signal, a design by Panter&Tourron for Raawii, is defined by a round opening on one side and a subtle dome on the other. Created as ‘an homage to the history of light as a communicative medium’, the lamp, depending on its positioning as well as the light bulb used, can evoke a range of atmospheres.



With a base of solid limestone and a shade of powder-coated metal, Space Copenhagen’s Fellow Lamp for Fredericia is both lamp and sculpture. Thanks to its distinctive, organic appearance, the light resembles a creature that represents different moods, depending on the position of its adjustable shade – curious when fully extended and shy when turned towards its base.