SEOUL – A memorial park creates a narrative through a fluid relationship with its landscape.

Considered a form of ‘land art,’ the building utilises the existing topography to create reflective spaces for the bereft. Architects HAEAHN organized the structure around a central reflective pool and courtyard, plus two stories of ritual spaces are designed to comfort visitors.

Entering beneath a canopy, visitors follow a path which receives indirect lighting and has vaulted ceilings. The bereft follow the procession to a cremation alcove where dim lighting is exchanged for high ceilings and natural light. From here, the bereft meander around the building, culminating their journey at one of the gardens.

The internal spaces receive an abundance of light through skylights and a curtain-wall which wraps around the outer corridor. Marble floors reflect the natural light that sinks into the spaces, creating more reflective qualities.

Photos courtesy of Park Young-cha