SEOUL – Russian art collective Tundra invited visitors to experience light as an artistic medium intimately linked to sound in a dynamic installation for Seoul’s D Museum. A few years ago, the St Petersburg-based group projected its interpretation of the beginnings of the universe onto the walls of its home city’s Loft Gallery in a piece called Big Bang. This time, as part of an exhibition titled 9 Lights in 9 Rooms, Tundra’s contribution, My Whale (Inner Revision), was both interactive and everywhere: the collaborators relied on a series of projectors to illuminate tunnel-like surfaces, which surrounded visitors, the idea being to create a submarine realm where they could ‘swim’ next to gentle giants.

Set in a shifting arc comprising thousands of blue and white hexagonal tiles – or ‘cells’ – and reflected in a glassy black floor underfoot, the lights cascaded and pulsed over and under visitors. Tundra’s cross-disciplinary team consists of sound engineers, programmers, musicians and visual artists and together they focus on creating multimedia performances and interactive audiovisual installations. Here, they cloned each section of the projection from those that preceded it, adding random shifts to the mix and allowing each cell to vary in response to a musical interpretation of whale song. 

Photos Alexandr Sinitsa