TORONTO – Faced with building a house in a lot just six metres wide, Toronto architect Reza Aliabadi (atelier rzlbd) created an airy infill home with an understated exterior.

The two-and-a-half story structure, set far back on the skinny lot, features a façade that stands out from it's clapboard neighbours - with aluminium siding, untreated wood and rusted steel. The intent was to find affordable materials, Aliabadi says, but also to create an aesthetic that would 'make a statement on organic behaviours of buildings by changing colour while aging along with the house'.

Inside, the 'shaft' -  a rectangular stem extending through the centre of the house - allows for an open feel that cross-sects the various levels, allowing natural light to circulate. The house also features a frontal canopy/garage, a rear deck, and a rooftop patio.

Images coutresy Reza Aliabadi