Reflective partitions, mirrors and hanging lights make a restaurant and salon in Shenzhen, China, a total maze to navigate.

Designers at studio Very-Space sought to divide the space into four compartments: the hair salon, spa, restaurant and floral art.

‘The main concept was based on creating a structure that’s seemingly separated on its own, but is actually connected and integrated as a whole space,’ says designer Liu Rung Lu. ‘The idea was to create an unordinary place that would incorporate nature, fashion, history, literature and beauty in the same space and time.’

In the salon, mirrors of various lengths surge from the ceiling and rise from the ground, creating a type appearance and disappearance game for passers-by.

The project is titled La Mode: The flow in Taiji, named after a type of Chinese martian art; the space's design seeks to convey a sense of flow and harmony.