Drawing from her German/Iranian roots, designer Siba Sahabi wants to ‘build a bridge between  the Orient and the Occident.’ From her Amsterdam-atelier, she translates this desire into meticulously handcrafted designs.

Sahabi’s latest collection features felt lamps inspired by silhouettes of Middle-Eastern rooftops. The lamps are made of coiled coloured felt strips, coated with a layer of metallic paint on both sides.

The name of the collection is derived from the character this collection is dedicated to. Sherazade is the famous Persian storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights, who escapes the death penalty by telling stories to the sultan during a period of 1001 nights. Since its translation, this book has greatly influenced Western literature, visual arts, dance, music and film.

In the 20th century, Sherazade also became a role model in the discussion of female modern-day issues, such as self-determination and independency. Though Persian in her origin, Sherazade’s changing image in European eyes reflects the transformation of the female role in Western society throughout the last three centuries.

Sherazade is exhibited during SALON/KANT at the Bijbels Museum in Amsterdam from 15 June to 18 August 2013.

Photography by Lisa Klappe.