An avant-garde, sci-fi-inspired space is the new home of Hong Kong’s renowned luxury fashion shop, Shine.

Upon entering the store, visitors find themselves in a 7-m-tall asymmetrical room with a pivoted, angled ceiling that seems to glow. Designer Nelson Chow says he was inspired by the shape of a star, coating the ceiling in glossy white and the interior walls with crystalline black.

The store comprises of three main areas: the foyer, upper sales area and dressing room. The foyer is an extension of the front window display, acting as a stage for mannequins.

A 'suspended' staircase leads to the sales room, which is filled with geometrical fluorescent lights and mirrors. Clothing hangs on metal ledges or black racks, with niche areas used for extra display space.

Finally, the dressing room is coated in mirrors, creating a kaleidoscopic 'endless' effect as shoppers look at their own reflections. 

Shine is located at 77 Leighton, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Photos courtesy Dennis Lo Designs.