The human form has long served as a muse for artists and designers alike, but Wow Inc. and Shiseido’s in-house agency Team 101 go beyond skin-deep, taking inspiration from the beauty of the body’s microscopic inner workings. The Neuro Surge installation series is an abstraction of neural transmitters, which symbolically awaken the senses for an elevated experience of the new product line.

Creative director Kosuke Oho of Wow Inc. says that Neuro Surge allows visitors to ‘experience the world of the product’, magnifying the concept of cellular networks in a grand-scale expression of the beauty and power within the human body. The visually striking network of light mimics the efficacy of the creams in awakening the skin.

Three consecutive installations combine to guide visitors through different environments, ending with a final interaction directly with the product. Neuro Surge is the initial exhilarating display composed of 150 fibres attached to luminaires spanning nine metres in length. The Interactive Wall follows, a tactile surface of fabric which manipulates light networks when touched. The final Product Room provides an almost solemn retreat from the erratic bright lights of the previous spaces. The darkened room heightens the senses of touch and smell as visitors test the Shiseido creams presented like museum exhibits on repeating pedestals.

Using light to compose unique atmospheres that range from stimulating to meditative, the collaborating studios combine tranquillity and chaos in a thoughtful gradation that draws visitors deeper into the space. Embedding the new product line in the art both literally and associatively, the installation maximizes brand impact for Shiseido.

The Neuro Surge installation is open to the public from 20 November until 8 December in the Shiseido Ginza Building.

Location Chuo-ku, Ginza, 7-5-5, Tokyo