July’s Flowers rides an emerging new wave of contemporary florists, smashing old-fashioned horticulture and floral design traditions with striking arrangements that answer to modern needs.

Designed by Alberto Caiola, the store’s interior juxtaposes Shanghai’s edgy counterculture using a spectrum of materials – balancing brushed metal finishes with terrazzo textures in the flooring. Large mirrors on the ceiling and positioned at an angle create the illusion of a higher volume, reflecting bouquets of flowers that appear to defy the laws of gravity. At the same time, concrete beams revealing the original structure of the building have been left exposed, shattering the illusion and restoring focus to the real blossoms below.

The interior feels like a luxury car showroom; with large glass storefronts, high ceilings and reflective surfaces. However, flowers are the centrepiece of the design here.

Displayed in clustered pots adjacent to large mirrored dishes, the result is a kaleidoscope of blooms and leaves refracted to intriguing effect. A designated showroom area displays a curated selection of floral products and design pieces that glitter against the store’s raw concrete background. Navigating the space, visitors experience a play of brilliance and transparency, as well as movement of living colour and shape, which car showrooms – with their static machines – can never achieve.