Inspired by the concept of paper architecture, Soesthetic Group designed its office space as a blank canvas. The sterile interior drenched in white emulates a futuristic, sci-fi space that visitors can paint with their own brush.

Unintentionally making reference to Parisian artist Jean Pierre Raynaud’s white-tiled La Maison de La Celle-Saint-Cloud, the office comprises two work spaces – two white island tables – conjoined by a white, glass-walled cubicle meeting room. The harshness of the monochromatic interior is mellowed by indirect lighting and non-standard placement of lamps, which protrude from the walls or from under mirrors.

To complement the office space, Soesthetic Group designed an auditorium named MakeIt Hub. The amphitheatre can be transformed for hosting different events thanks to its mobile furniture – such as its folding flux chairs and a movable reception desk – all designed by Soesthetic Group and made in Ukraine.

Location Office 151, Mekhanizatoriv St, 2 a, Kiev, Ukraine