LONDON – A portable shell can be used for pop-up musical performances around the world.

Designed by Flanagan Lawrence and Arup Acoustics, Soundforms is the world’s first acoustic shell created for open-air performances. Made of an inflatable skin – wrapped around timber panels and an aluminium structure – the entire design is based on intensive acoustic research.

Due to its unique cave-like form and acoustic reflectors, the project brings indoor sound quality to the outdoors. Its carefully constructed peaking roof has been created to increase the sound level for audience members by projecting sound beyond a conductor or musicians, into the crowd.

The shell can be used for various types of shows, from orchestras and classic piano performances to rock concerts and festivals. As its weatherproof, it can be used in all settings. Soundforms is available in three sizes, spanning 14m, 17m or 21m in length.

Soundforms was used in the Olympic Park during the Summer 2012 games and has been shortlisted for a 2012 World Architecture Festival Award.