Fuorisalone’s Superstudio Più, the largest private space in Milan’s Zona Tortona district, is quickly climbing the ranks as a reference point for events in the worlds of art, design and fashion. At the centre’s Temporary Museum, technological leader LG Hausys presents the Sparkle Krib, a visionary concept which straddles the lines of reality and imagination. In collaboration with designer Karim Rashid, the futuristic living space proposal utilises HI-MACS new generation acrylic stone in a fluid manner, morphing planar surfaces into sinuous objects.

Furnishings defined by serpentine lines are coloured in a vibrant palette of neon pink and yellow, giving once-simple objects an energetic and dynamic appearance. The 130-sq-m installation pushes the limits of the translucent and non-porous material which is comprised of bauxite stone and acrylic resin. Taking the flexible characteristics of plastic with the durability of stone, it allows both architects and designers to create the unique forms they desire.

Rashid plays with an individual's established relationship with everyday environments, experimenting with a holistic design that seamlessly integrates beauty, comfort and technology into a single space. This fundamental change will inherently affect the emotional and physical connection with an individual's surroundings.