Every week we highlight those Frame Awards projects which have been frequented by our readers and jury, in the lead up to the reveal of Interiors of the Month winners and honourable mentions. Here are the five most-viewed spaces between 27 August and 3 September 2021, shared with comments from the jury.


Vantree Design

Vantree Design utilized wood, plants and other ecological materials to bring the Lixia Office Culture Center to being, a Large Office in Jinan, China (final score of 5.96; August round). The bright 50,000-sq-m workspace weaves a number of communal spaces into the open, warm and humanized design. A reading room, meditation and leisure area and multi-function area occupy three floors, while an open office space, medium and large conference rooms, reception and enterprise exhibition hall fill the remaining nine. Julian Lwin, spatial design director at Lwindesign and Street Farms USA commented that he ‘loves the green walls’. 

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KL&K Design

Submitted for the August round of Interiors of the Month, the Suqian Public Security Bureau Intelligent Investigation Center ushers in a new-generation police system. Located in Suqian Shi, China, the Governmental Interior (4.56) is developed to enable greater collaboration between policemen with different departments. KL&K Design reconstructed an existing four-storey building, weaving in new innovations and implementing a futuristic aesthetic. ‘I feel the atmosphere too cold, even for a governmental interior,’ noted Alberto Martinez, sales manager of Central Europe at Andreu World.

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F.O.G. Architecture

HCH tapped F.O.G. Architecture to design its showroom at this year’s Shanghai Fashion Week (5.25; Trade-Fair Stand). Aimed at helping ‘designer brands from around the world present themselves in a more diverse and multisensory way,’ the 300-sq-m, labyrinth-like interior was envisioned as a ‘soft forest’ of fabrics. The designers aimed to highlight the necessity of low carbon production and sustainability while accentuating the relationship between the human body and garments. Retail designer Federica Pellazza appreciates the ‘sense of discovery’ in the space, but questions whether the product lighting was properly investigated and the efficacy of the tactile elements. ‘It’s a project with good potential, but a lack of details,’ she says.

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Touch Design

For Touch the Sky, Touch Design’s Small Office in Tianjin’s Hexi District (4.62; August), the team focused on refining minimalism. They paired natural, pure white with a ‘quiet’ black tone, weaving in thoughtful decoration and greenery. Employee interaction is encouraged in the open-plan layout – providing ‘effective access to information and inspiration’ was a key objective in the project. ‘The overall white feels sterile,’ explained Lwin. ‘The wood tones used in one space make a warmer, more inviting space to work. [It’s] lucky there is a touch of greenery added to remind us of the “natural” world.’

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Sid Lee Architecture

Streetwear brand Concepts worked with Sid Lee Architecture on its central NYC location Concepts 99 University (5.75, Multi-Brand Store; August). The intent is to give customers a ‘complete journey experience’ through a 2,500-sq-ft space. Sid Lee conceived a series of bold areas for product discovery, events and socialization. To Benjamin Kaplan, design director of global brand experience at Nike, the ‘design aesthetic feels a bit dated’. ‘There doesn’t seem to be a clear concept or narrative to the design,’ he reflected, saying that the environment doesn’t appropriately bring Concepts’ brand image to the forefront.

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