As the New York art scene is abuzz with talk of the Armory Show this frosty month, we’d like to draw your attention to some other smaller, exciting exhibitions happening in the Big Apple at the same time. Ana Cristea Gallery, which specializes in emerging artists and art from the Eastern European region, is currently presenting “Spool” in its Chelsea space. Bringing together the works of Andrew Graves, Marco Palmieri and Neil Rumming, the show is aimed at creating a new point of reference for post-war attempts by painters to eschew “big” concepts like colour, space and gesture (quite fittingly, we also discuss the return of painting as a medium of choice in our new issue).

Graves, who lives and works in London, mixes his own paint, creating “oil and tempera works, mostly on panel”. His paintings frequently consist of one main colour and mixed with one other “rogue” hue, creating a startling effect that belies quiet confidence. Complementing this approach is Palmieri’s body of work, which employs familiar iconography and motifs in elegant repetitions. Rounding off this very strong trio is Rumming, who showcases absurdly huge footprints across his canvases – the physical impossibility of these images lead the viewer to ponder on the new forms that are continuously being generated in the act of exploring painting. 

“Spool” is co-curated by Shaan Syed and will run until 17 March. 

Ana Cristea Gallery, 521 West 26th Street, New York 10001

Images courtesy of the artists and the gallery.