As part of a stage set design in NYC, a performance installation was made of corrugated cardboard and zip ties.

The structure was CNC-routed and the cardboard modules were grommeted together with the ties. At first it lay in a contorted position hovering over the stage; as the performance continued, it slowly folded into a pitched roof to cover the dancers.

According to its designers, Julie Larsen and Roger Hubeli of APTUM Architecture, the installation acted as a buffer to define the stage from its surroundings.

‘The canopy became a “protective” liner between the church and the dancers, demanding the audience focus on the performance and not the church beyond,’ they say.

The project premiered in December as part of choreographer Tere O’Connor’s performance Cover Boy at Danspace Project. Encore performances will show today and tomorrow (6 and 7 January).

Photos courtesy Julietta Cervantes.