AMSTERDAM – With the success of its principal store just outside the city centre, The Cold Press Juicery opens to a fresh location within the quirky Nine Streets district. To depict its down-to-earth character, Build in Amsterdam conceptualised a brand identity founded in nature and Standard Studio interpreted the outline into a cutting-edge interior.

At the corner of Herengracht and Gasthuismolensteeg, the venue has an optimal view of Amsterdam’s canals and the distinctive canalhouses. Sitting amid a blend of local architecture, culture and history, The Cold Press Juicery takes a shot at bringing the city’s secret gardens to the fore. Numerous passersby haven’t got a clue that behind Amsterdam’s magnificent crooked houses hides tremendous indoor greenery (if you don’t believe it, Google can assist far-off investigators with a satellite view).

The 23-sq-m juice bar has living tree emerging from the floor right at its core, referring to the daily use of fresh ingredients for beverages while providing a tranquil domain a few steps away from the tumultuous pace of the city. To keep the tree as healthy as its customers, Standard Studio installed a prolific soil and watering system underfoot.

The identity’s diagonal lines are interpreted into a graphic with powder-coated black and pink steel and wooden slats which wrap ceiling, wall and counter surfaces as well as form shelves. The stripes reflect into a mirrored wall with built-in refrigerators where customers peruse bottles of homemade fruit fusions and unwind before returning to the busting urban life.

Visit The Cold Pressed Juicery at Herengracht 245 in Amsterdam.

Photos Wouter van der Sar

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