The COVID-19 crisis is swiftly redefining what it means to connect and underscoring, to the umpteenth degree, the importance of staying connected. Our lives – personal and professional – depend on digital communications even more than they did pre-lockdown. Yet even despite improving conditions in some regions, the persisting pandemic makes the days of being able to walk outside, grab a coffee or tea from a local spot and making your way to a bookstore or newsstand to flick through issues of your favourite publications seem far off. We know the value of these little moments, and questioned how to bring them closer to our readers – to you.

While the fragrant whiff of a freshly printed magazine and the feel of paper stock don’t translate well online, we extend a (virtual) hand to you by offering a digital rendition of our May/June 2020 issue, Frame 134, completely free of charge. We understand that, for a variety of reasons, many of our readers may have trouble accessing our publication during this time. So like the vast majority of individuals, business and companies, we are evolving to ensure that, as the world spins, connection remains. How? By supporting, and staying in communication, with those around us.

Our team hopes, as is the case with every issue, that we can impart some inspiration when you may need it most. Produced before COVID-19 became a global crisis, Frame 134 explores the future of remote hospitality – almost prophetically so, considering our necessary entry into the era of social distancing. It features interviews with the likes of industry leaders Uwe Brückner, Margrethe Odgaard and Ace Hotel’s Kelly Sawdon, and introduces one of a new generation of designers, Eduard Eremchuk. And it showcases the 36 Frame Awards 2020-winning projects, outlining what excellence in spatial design truly means to its modern visionaries.

To access the first-ever digital issue of Frame, all you need to do is subscribe to our (newly redesigned!) newsletter here. The complimentary mailing is a valuable tool for members of our community, keeping readers at the height of what’s happening in the spatial-design world while offering exclusive insights. See you at the virtual newsstand soon!

Still prefer a physical copy? Frame 134 is available for purchase in our webstore here