QUEBEC – Located in Quebec City, Canada, STGM Architectes designed the firm’s own new headquarters using innovative solutions to attain a high level of sustainability – a principle which is typical of the architect firm’s approach. The minimalist volume plays with voids and solids to create a simple and dynamic building with a focus on eco-friendly architecture.

The exterior of the office building is clad with wood timber and concrete siding and, as explained by the architect, the features of the site ‘required minimal structural weight, and so the lightweight ductile wood frame, with a low ecological footprint, proved to be the best solution.’ An innovative aerothermal design and a series of sustainable systems provide a comfortable work environment while reducing the building’s energy consumption. For instance, a solar wall covers the end of the south-west façade, functioning to preheat fresh air.

The 1000-sqm workspace stretches over two storeys and consists of open-area workshops, closed offices and conference rooms. The building’s ecological signature continues inside with reclaimed wood from old houses covering interior elements. On the first floor, wood roof trusses, painted white, are exposed making the space feel bigger and giving it a distinct look. Natural light coming from all four façades permeates the entire office while at the rear of the building, a large terrace connecting to the cafeteria offers a rest area during summer months.

Photo courtesy of Stephane Groleau