What do the Dutch textile industry and American-European fusion cuisine have in common? At Wyers Bar & Restaurant, the answer is a common historical location.

American hotel chain Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants commissioned Studio Modijefsky to design the interiors for Wyers and the adjacent café Miss Louisa with inspiration from the location’s historical context. The corner of the street on which the restaurant stands formerly housed a Dutch fabric firm called ‘Firma Wyers’, hence the restaurant’s name and the choice of the textile industry as a starting point for the concept.

For Studio Modijefsky, it’s all in the details: the site’s industrial history comes alive in small but expressive elements throughout the space. The backrests and seats of the restaurant’s banquettes are reminiscent of the bolts of fabric that would have been stacked and displayed in the shop years ago. The lighting further communicates this motif with metal tubes resembling the threads used in weaving machines going up to the ceiling, and then down to wrap around lights shaped like fabric rolls.

Outside traffic also plays a key role in the design of Wyers. Softer materials such as leather and textile finishes in a warm palette create a calm, sheltered environment to counter the busy pedestrian street and main road leading into the city from the Amsterdam Central Station.

The last addition to the restaurant, Miss Louisa, pays homage to both the founder of Firma Wyers – the café is named after his youngest daughter – and to the historical newspaper offices across the street, which are referenced in the café’s black-and-white, graphic aesthetic.


Location Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 5, 1012 RC Amsterdam