Frame's latest release offers an exclusive look at the inner-workings of Studio O+A, the San Francisco-based studio led by Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander responsible for creating numerous office environments that have changed how work and the workplace are defined. Order your copy now from the Frame shop.

This book looks at what the people of Studio O+A have produced in the 26 years since the company's founding: 'Making the office a physical narrative reminds people who work in it that they are part of a larger purpose. It gives them a meaningful landscape within which to shape their own memories.'

Twelve True Tales reveals that touch of the offbeat for which O+A is known. Realised projects include workspaces for Yelp, Nike, Cisco, Giant Pixel, Uber, Kimball and others, as well as forward-looking design experiments in mobile workspace design, product design and branding.