Roberto Cuoghi's ongoing solo exhibition at New York City's New Museum is immersing visitors within an unconventional multimedia experience. Šuillakku - Corral Version uses sound to evoke an Assyrian Lament dating from the 7th century BC. The artist channelled the years of 612 and 609 BC, travelling to the time when the Assyrian capital of Nineveh was under attack and fell into ruin. Fear and grief prevalent of the period is the emotional mood generated by an audible atmosphere coordinated entirely by Cuoghi.

Over a few years time, the artist created a collection of ancient instruments which were carefully researched and hand constructed. Each instrument's ballad was played individually by Cuoghi himself and then assembled into a musical composition. Experience within a dark room to heighten the senses, the collective piece can be heard in unison from the centre of the space. Pronounced 'shoe-ee-lah-coo', the title refers to an Assyrian praying posture in which one hand is raised.

On display until 29 June 2014.