Danish clothing brand Suit has opened a new store in Reykjavik, the interior of which makes as much of a statement as the tailored apparel items for sale in the shop. The retail space has been designed by Hafsteinn Júlíusson and Karitas Sveinsdóttir, of HAF Studio, to create a unique customer experience.

The brand's tagline – 'tailored finess meets technical craftsmanship' – was at the core of the design duo's concept for the interior design, which aimed to tie the brand's raw character with clever detailing.

Across four storeys, an uncomplicated material palette of glossy ceramic tiles, exposed concrete and wood cladding creates a contemporary setting. The white tiles partly cover floors, walls and ceiling, with the only aspect in the shop that is fully-tiled being the serving counter on the ground floor. The sits alongside the eye-catching bespoke, illuminated brand logo on the back wall, which itself appears to have broken through the tiles leaving the wood panelling exposed.

This refined roughness is a feature throughout the space, with the same chipboard panels used to line surfaces and construct simple furnishings and fittings. Angular and geometric shapes are another feature, thanks to the white tiles creating grid-like patterns, with a haphazard edge created where the tiles begin creeping across the concrete floor and down the supporting columns.

Splashes of citrus orange pop out vibrantly, on the clothes rails and the frames around the oversized mirrors, creating contrasts against the matt black mesh railings and stairs that connect the different levels of store. As customers explore, other delightful, quirky touches are waiting to be discovered, including the cheeky phrases that ardorn the walls and furnishings of the shop.

Photos Gunnar Sverrisson.