In the heart of the LA Arts District, Amazebowls is the first brick-and-mortar store of the brand, and the flagship of a rapidly expanding franchise.

Multidisciplinary design studio 64North choreographs volume, surface and light within the retail space, utilizing curves, soft edges and warm lighting in reflection of the fresh, fruity nourishment to be found in the açaí smoothie bowls sold here.

The iconography of the store is defined by the scooped ceiling, sculpted from domes but abstracted into a contemporary, organic surface. The spherical theme of scoops and bowls extends to the glossy, curvilinear maple walls and the pendant lighting, which lowers the ceiling and crowds the space over the counters.

On the other side of the world, pop-up shop LePur embraces the sterility and uniformity of commercial dairy in its design. Architecture practice Ramoprimo turned the lobby of the LePur offices into a minimalist yogurt store to advertise the brand’s products and to be a physical representation of the company’s brand values and market positioning.

In contrast to Amazebowls, the LePur store uses a stark palette with hard edges; the walls, ceiling canopy, and even the seating are constructed with white-painted pinewood slats. The effect is one of purity in an unadorned sense: plain and unnatural – more suitable in a factory or a processing plant than a welcoming retail atmosphere.

In the end, these two spaces have wildly different products, locations, and branding. Amazebowls sells smoothie bowls to the downtown crowds, and the warm, cosy space is intended to induce customers to crowd their bowls with additional fruit and extra toppings. The LePur pop-up was a temporary space, requiring a light and mobile design that also matched the brand’s identity and aesthetic. Both designs serve their purpose – we only hope the smoothies and flavoured yogurts were as well-served.