Within the vibrant Shibuya district, Hotel Koé is a culture biosphere that offers a spectrum of happenings in answer to the social and economic divisions of modernity. Suppose Design Office redefines the limitations of physical retail for lifestyle brand Koé, creating a 24-hour brand environment for guests to engage with the apparel and atmosphere. The concept of opening hours becomes as redundant as it is for the brand’s online presence, and opens up the terms of a retail space to a multifaceted hospitality experience.

Suppose Design Office employs a modern aesthetic with subtle distinctions in style between the different floors. The ground floor, which houses the Koé lobby (comprising the bakery-restaurant) and event space, is slathered in warm grey concrete with broad applications of corrugated metal and blocks of wood in the furniture and staircase. As the main character of the space, the staircase is a visual statement of Hotel Koé’s fluidity and adaptability. During the day, guests can wander freely from the restaurant and bakery up to the second floor to peruse the Koé fashion and lifestyle selection. In the evenings, the staircase can be closed and transformed into a seating area for music and other events.

The third floor is reserved for the hotel suites, a small exhibition space and lounge. The four room types are inspired by the design elements and concept of the Japanese tea ceremony, embracing understated materials, high-quality details, and traditional characteristics such as elevated platforms delineating different functional areas. The restrained design of the rooms offers guests a serene space to reflect on the now and tomorrow of culture as well as the creative experiences available in the rest of the hotel and the streets of Shibuya outside.