A sushi restaurant in New York City features an onslaught of textures and raw materials in its design.

With the space spanning just 92-sq-m, designers at studio Form-ula needed to creatively divide the kitchen and storefront while creating a large enough work area for 14 employees.

‘Our strategy was to maximize the remaining space through a set of surface textures that were seen to function as cultural signifiers or triggers,’ says designer Richard Sarrach.

The order counter is framed with reclaimed poplar wooden panels, which juxtapose the black kadappa stone floor and mirrored stainless steel walls. Meanwhile, the ceiling is made of perforated steel and aluminium panels that seem to envelop the space.

‘It invokes an atmospheric effect of fog in its expanse of diminishing mirror reflections, and also resembles a fisherman’s woven net looming from above,’ Sarrach says.

Photos courtesy Barkow Photo.

Citigroup Center Atrium

601 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10022