A partnership between Roar, Summertown Interiors and CBRE resulted in a 2,075-m2, LEED-certified headquarters in Dubai for Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda.

Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda now has a 2,075-m2, LEED-certified headquarters in Dubai, courtesy of Pallavi Dean’s design studio Roar, office fit-out company Summertown Interiors and CBRE’s project management team. Roar’s spatial concept merged Japanese values, Emirati culture and data-driven design to result in a sustainable, accommodating workplace, situated in the city’s One Central Development. The partners closely followed the company's ethos of fairness, integrity, honesty and perserverance.

‘Takeda wanted us to design an office that rivalled their new HQ in Tokyo, Japan,’ says Dean. ‘We felt it was important to draw inspiration from the company’s Japanese heritage while also celebrating the local context in order to give the project a sense of place and differentiate it from other Takeda’s offices around the world – this is most definitely Takeda in Dubai, not Tokyo!’

Roar and Summertown followed biophilic principles to achieve the end-space, which comprises natural materials such as wood, raw exposed concrete and paper. Emirati craftsmanship can be seen in elements created by khous hand-weaving methods; the boardroom takes cues from traditional Japanese tea houses and the reception the genkan entrances of Japanese homes. As Dean explains, ‘The space planning used sophisticated mathematical models to find the right mix of private, shared and public spaces.’

The large office has the distinction of LEED Silver certification, with the project entailing strategies for construction waste management, fresh-air solutions and 12.3 per cent savings on Energy Use as set by the ASHRAE 90.1-2010 baseline. Furthermore, Takeda employees have ample connection to public transport and service systems.

‘Construction was one of the few industries that was able to keep running during the Dubai government’s strict sterilization program that required everyone to stay home,’ says Summertown Interiors’ Project Director Nicola Trivett. ‘We were halfway through the Takeda office fit-out when the pandemic broke out – we had to act swiftly to make the necessary changes to our health and safety procedures on site to keep the project progressing in the safest way possible.’