Bergen’s stock exchange building has now been transformed into the Hotel Bergen Børs, a 127-room hotel right beside the city’s main square. Merged with two adjacent buildings, a former bank and a banking group’s building, Claesson Koivisto Rune weaves key features of the city’s former financial center into one coherent whole.

‘We like the fact that it’s difficult for a guest to tell when the hotel was designed,’ states architect Eero Koivisto. ‘For a guest it should feel seamless, like you’re staying in one hotel – not an “old” or a “new” room.’ Instead of chasing trends, the multidisciplinary Swedish studio focuses on understated, timeless luxury by commingling many of the original architectural features with contemporary design elements.

For a unique experience, guests can stay in the former stock exchange manager’s office, which has been converted into a suite – complete with heavily protected safe. Infinity mirrors, modern furnishings, many of which are the studio’s own designs, and occasional pops of colour around the interior add a modern touch to the classic elegance of the hotel.

The architects chose materials and textures that hold a lasting quality to compliment the original wood-panelled walls, stained glass windows, and elaborate metalwork of the historic building.

‘We were looking for things that were unchanging and non-trendy,’ says Koivisto. The wood, leather, and marble surfaces in Hotel Bergen Børs will acquire a patina over time, recording the ongoing history of the building as it ages and including guests in its legacy.  

Guests become part of Bergen’s financial history as the former stock exchange boardroom is converted into the hotel’s bar, featuring restored woodwork complemented by faceted mirrors on the walls.

Location 1 Vågsallmenningen, Bergen, Norway