The new Thailand Creativity and Design Centre (TCDC) is housed atop a historic building in Bangkok and features reprogrammable spaces bound to propel the country’s creative industry. The intervention is built on the side and back wing of the Grand Postal Building, originally built in 1940 which offers an Art Deco façade. ‘The new is inserted as an object, placed within and offset from the existing envelope, clearly revealing architectural features from the 30s,’ explain the architects.

The object in question houses a design library, a material library, and a co-working space. It is also a social setting with a makerspace, exhibition halls, and workshops. The extension adds an additional storey to the existing building, making it a five-storey centre and offering views to the surrounding neighbourhood.

The general interior language is silent and uses a minimalist aesthetic. The architects designed the centre as a place of open communication and inspiration. To do so, they implanted a central circulation core that acts as a vessel to visually connect each and every space. ‘Most of the spaces are flexible with moveable furniture and adjustable systems to allow for flexible situation and various creative activities to happen.’

The black and white features act as empty canvases and frames for what could be generated here. White stilts go up and form grids within the double-height design library, as though it is the scaffolding ready to build up the growing creative industry of Thailand.

Transparency and translucency are key to the architectural value of the building – qualities that are also celebrated in this government agency’s mission, in the hopes of opening up dialogue about the current design industry. The architectural system built with translucent panels wraps around the facility and holds the essence of what the TCDC offers – a growing data base of books, magazines, material samples, digital media, and much more.
Location 1160, Charoenkrung Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10501