A current exhibition at Milan's Triennale Design Museum explores Italian graphics and visual communication through a colourful display.

Designer Fabio Novembre was responsible for creating the exhibition design, which he says is ‘absolutely new compared to previous editions.’ The most difficult aspect, he explains, was adding a third dimension to graphics which are almost always two-dimensional.

The exhibition is divided into nine sections: letters, books, magazines, culture and politics, packaging, advertising, visual identity, video and signposting. The colours are employed as a marking system to guide visitors through the spaces.

‘I decided to begin with the blank pages of a book, studying their physical structure and filling them with life in motion, setting their contents in various sections spread along a careful path,’ Novembre says. ‘The coloured thread, stretching from infrared to ultraviolet,  encompass the entire meaning of life and knowledge.’

The exhibition can be visited until April, 2013.

Triennale Design Museum
viale Alemanga, 6
20121 Milan