Using bamboo and paper, designer Anthony Dickens has created a lighting system than resembles a snake of light gliding between walls.

Tekio was inspired by Japanese paper art traditions, infusing a soft light and presence to its surrounding environment.

While its creasing and lightness remind of oriental lamps, its modularity makes it a practical interior element that allows for customization in accordance to mood. The different arrangements shown in the pictures prove its versatility: Tekio can alternately be hung in a circle or as an entangled suspended chandelier, tucked in a corner, or stretched across a window. Subtle lighting is cosy, but sculptural presence is a plus.

The installation was shown last month at Clerkenwell Design Week’s main venue, the Farmiloe Building, which was the perfect way to present the product to show its appeal in a warm, wood-covered room.

Photos courtesy Jim Stephenson and Anthony Dickens Studio.