Displayed during D'Days in Paris and winning the Eyes on Talents Award, Teresa van Dongen's installation One Luminous Dot is an homage to Earth's place within an infinite galaxy. Composed of star formations of the softly glowing Ambio light – unveiled at Dutch Design Week 2014 as van Dongen's graduation project at Design Academy Eindhoven – the dark space punctuated with the glowing tubes offered a surreal spatial eperience to reflect on our planet's unique – and often times unknown – resources.

When the fixture's glass tubes are tilted, gentle waves of blue-hued illumination are emitted as the contained bacteria strain – sourced from the skin of the octopus – emits light when exposed to oxygen. Known as bioluminescence, the process is placed on rolling display as the glass tubes bob up and down, swishing the mixture back and forth. The arrangement of Ambio lights serves to remind onlookers of nature's mysteries within the ocean depths of our own planet.

Photos Hans Boddeke