A show of five artists and architects at Another Space in Denmark, presents new and poetic uses of textile to divide interior space.

Akane Moriyama’s Blue Bricks uses material to ‘dissolve traditional architectural solidity and rigidity’. The screen is constructed of thin nylon sewn into a grid of pockets with thread. With a coloured core and a white material outer, the sculptural screen hangs in space inviting further inspection.

Strange Metabolisms is the work of CITA (the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts). The biologically-inspired piece is made of polyurethane monofilament, carbon loaded fibre, wool, perspex and wood. It’s an experiment to apply the organic logic of how textiles cover space to how we might build our architecture and environments.

Else Leirvik’s installation Untitled, appears like a fabric screen looped and folded against a wall. The paper, cotton and polyester creation is a delicate way to close off space and create ‘rooms within rooms’. Aurora Passero weaves her own canvases and applies plaited cords and laces to them, making installations that are part painting and part sculpture.

Tove Storch’s silk-wrapped object is mysterious to the eye – with Untitled (Metal Object #15), she challenges our perception of silk as a delicate material and shows its strength in tension and wrapping.

Photos by Bo Johanssen, courtesy of Another Space.