SHIFT Automotive is neither a car show nor a trade fair. It's not a bling-y flaunting of technological bells and whistles and shiny new objects. Rather, it is a curated exhibition that revolves around the human experience of technology and how ongoing international collaborative innovation will transform it. For two days, on 10 and 11 September, the second annual SHIFT will take place in Berlin, one of Europe's most active hubs of innovation.

The tech festival IFA Berlin welcomes more than 1,800 exhibitors from 49 countries, as well as industry leaders and start-ups from the automotive and consumer electronics sectors. SHIFT brings together these sectors' overlapping challenges and opportunities to suggest ways in which future forms of mobility will change not just the way that we drive, but the way that we think and live.

Through lectures, panels, discussions and networking, SHIFT will diffuse insights amongst thinkers, policy-makers, engineers, designers and brands, inviting everyone to co-innovate. 

The automotive future is about humans, not technology

In a world riven by precipitous leaps and lapses in technology, the curated exhibition will ask how humans want to design our driving future and explore challenging questions: What are these industries' priorities? In which ways must the user experience and design of cars change if drivers will become passengers who may suddenly need to snap into control of the car again, in the case of a glitch in the vehicle's Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

SHIFT asks how thinking must shift around future modes of transportation. Which technologies and policies will earn the trust of consumers? And when mobility is transforming from something you own to an experience that you subscribe to and share, how can consumers be persuaded to embrace integrated transport solutions?

While the public is excited, skeptical and anxious about fast-approaching technologies set to revolutionise driving (think: new electric or hydrogen-powered engines, new magnitudes of connectivity, and advances in AI, the Internet of Things and self-driving tech), SHIFT addresses the human issues of safety, privacy and reliability.

SHIFT Automotive is held in Berlin from 10-11 September 2019  in conjunction with IFA.