Airplane design is – literally – being taken to a whole new level, as a commercial aircraft concept proposes double-decker pods replace traditional passenger seats.

‘All the space available in a typical wide-bodied jet can be used to create a new and innovative experience,’ say London-based consultants Factory Design who teamed with aircraft seat manufacturers Contour Aeropspace.

Their proposal implements private purple capsules for business classes. The hard-shell pods will have a 94cm-wide chair (which can transform into a flat-lying bed), individual media screens, a flip-down transparent door and mood lighting. Plus, a nighttime mode will cover the ceiling with a night sky and integrated surround-sound plays.  

‘The clue to the Air Lair concept is in the name; a lair is a secret or private place in which a person seeks concealment or seclusion, a perfect way to restore your equilibrium,’ the designers say.