LONDON – One of the world’s most sustainable buildings, Siemens’s crystal-shaped Urban Sustainability Centre sits proudly in London’s Royal Victoria Docks.

London-based Wilkinson Eyre Architects designed the sharp, triangular exterior that lends the building its name and generates its distinctive interior spaces designed by British studio Pringle Brandon Perkins & Will. ‘The crystalline geometry of the architecture derives its inspiration from nature,’ explains Chris Wilkinson, director and founder of Wilkinson Eyre, ‘the two interlocking triangular forms generate an exciting and dynamic building from every angle as you move around the site’.

The 6300-sq-m building houses the world's largest urban sustainability exhibition centre, meeting facilities, office space and an auditorium/conference room seating 268 people in LP tablet equipped Figueras seating. According to Roland Busch, Infrastructure & Cities Sector CEO at Siemens AG, ‘the Crystal will serve as a centre for dialogue, learning and discovery’.

It is only fitting that a building created for the study and development of sustainable cities is itself a showcase for sustainable design. A high performance glazing façade, photovoltaic panels, energy efficient lighting and rainwater harvesting are but a few examples of the myriad of sustainable strategies incorporated in the Crystal.

Images courtesy of Wilkinson Eyre Architects (except where indicated)